Use a Tesla as a limo (or, Uber driver-rental)


REGISTER NOW - to book a Tesla with a driver for a set trip -or- if you want to use a Tesla as your Uber/Ola car (by approved application only)

Please select the below statement that best suits your use of Tesla Taxi
What colour is your Tesla?
Vehicle Reservation

if above form is ‘missing’ use this:

Edit above form;

select a box for ‘book a tesla with a driver’

(must be X-6s/7s or S or M3 — or ‘any Tesla’ - pre-selected — no colour options)


‘I want to rent a Tesla to drive for Uber/Ola’


the rest of the form will be custom to the selection made above…

Set rates (Tesla with Driver) [notes that NOT all drivers offer the below ‘set’ rates - quote will be sent if not as below]:

'CBD-BNE to/from airport-BNE' $129 (or $79 on promo)

'GC to/from airport-BNE' $199 (or $139 on promo)

'SSC to/from airport-BNE' $269 (or $199 on promo)


Limo Rates:

$110 call out (max 30m cbd)

$45 per 30min (driving and time back to cbd)


Call out if 31m~90m from cbd $330

91m~150m $550