Pick-Up and Drop-Back Condition


‘Acceptably clean’ - VAC

You rental may be fresh from the last renter, the term ‘acceptably clean’ means that the last renter will have removed all rubbish from the car and if the car is ‘filthy’ they will give it a quick vacuum, or, you can do this in your rental and ask for a $5 discount on your next rental.

Drive Thru wash

Unless otherwise specified by the owner, you can drive thru a car wash in your rental. the cost will be from $6~$20 - the renter is to pay this cost.



‘24HR Car Wash Brisbane’


Wheels - ‘rash’

If you damage a rim, the fee to fix will be not less than $50 for ‘tiny issue’ - or $100~$200 per rim for ‘big cosmetic issues’

$50 offer to wash and vac: You may offer the owner of the car $50 to take the car in to a car wash and also do a quick vac for you if you do not have time, if the owner approves, just leave $50 in cash for this in the glove box.


$220 full detail: If you are using the car for a wedding or special event and want the car to be professionally fully detailed before your rental, you much communicate this need to the car owner when booking and pay in cash this $220 to the car owner at time if collection (or, leave this $220 cash in the glove box at end of rental if the owner requests this option)

^; Self-Drive ‘to the max’ is a dual meaning catch phrase, all Tesla cars from 2017 support ‘self-drive/autopilot(car’s computer driving)’, this is a system called Autopilot, and is enabled on all Tesla cars, and, you can at any time ‘self drive’ yourself by taking the wheel and you are then in full control. There is also a thing called ‘full self drive’ that Tesla expects to activate in 2020/2021, to allow the car to also navigate on autopilot, this is a ‘future’ feature, however, all Tesla cars now have the Autopilot system to save you from the need to be actively in control of the car on long trips for more than 95% of the drive… - Video.