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Watch this short demonstration of Full Self Drive where the owner of this vehicle ‘summons’ his car to pick him up.

The most advanced self drive technology is indisputably within the Tesla network. Currently advancing 3 to 4 years ahead of its competition, Tesla has now provided autonomous self drive technology AS STANDARD within the brand new Model 3. This latest version of the Tesla range has been made available to the greater population with a baseline price of $35,000 USD.

On the 22nd April 2019, Elon Musk with his team of software developers, neural network programmers and auto-pilot engineers gave an in depth presentation on exactly how this new technology is going to revolutionise the automotive industry (see the bottom video on this page). When comparing these vehicles to almost EVERY new vehicle on the road today the comparison is chalk and cheese.

‘It’ll be like owning a horse in three years. I mean, fine if you want to own a horse, but you should go into it with that expectation’ - Elon Musk refers to another car manufacturer

Throughout this presentation it is clear what is unfolding, and in the same way the iPhone (and app store) changed communication and the use of a mobile phone, in less than 12 months from now (as stated by Elon) there will be over 1 million cars on the road with FULL Hardware and FULL Self Driving capabilities

The microchip that has been designed from scratch and manufactured by Tesla themselves has been said to be ‘The best microchip in the world’ and although this is self-crowned, the closest rival (and previous manufacturer of older self drive microprocessors) Nvidia have stated that Tesla Has "Raised The Bar For Self-Driving Computers,"


We here at the Tesla Taxi Team have been laying the foundations of this network since 2015. We believe the same way that global demand for Bitcoin and block-chain technology has evolved - the ‘real world’ use case and therefore ‘value’ of the Tesla technology is also grossly undervalued. Quoting Elon Musk once again…

‘It’s financially insane to buy anything other than a Tesla’ -Elon Musk

This short video demonstrates the Full Self Drive capabilities through traffic, winding roads, highways and intersections.

Watch the worlds biggest YouTube star ‘Casey Neistat take a Tesla Model 3 for a test drive and put Full Self Drive to the test.

For those who need some convincing about the Full Self Drive technology and how it was developed. I would encourage you to watch this video from start to finish. (alternatively you can click on a time line to jump to a section)

Tesla Autonomy Day Presentation from Mon, April 22nd

1:59:19 Teaching the machine with labels.

2:01:39 Teaching the machine with variety of data.

2:04:24 the world is strange. Using real data is better then simulation.

2:05:18 The three most important things for teaching neural networks.

2:06:07 Teaching object detection.

2:08:31 Neural net process. "Data Engine"

2:14:39 Path prediction around corners. "Paths it can't even see"

2:19:19 3D reconstruction using only video.

2:20:45 Neural net vision just as good as radar.