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Here you will find the necessary referral codes to get maximum TeslaTaxi network benefits and Tesla bonuses

Model 3 WITH 1,500 Free Supercharger KM!!!^

(^limited time only - claim this offer by referral codes only)

Use - TT Referral CODE-A:

-or- (newly added codes from 20/05/2019)

TT Referral CODE-B:

[CODE-C: Millin]


Other offers…

NOTE: By using our codes - you ALSO get $500 ‘membership credit’ to use with ‘‘ - FOR FREE!

(to claim please register ‘on day of order’ by sending us your confirmation email on:

We request that you to use our referral code to order your Tesla (extra $100~$700 ‘bonus’ incentive for you to do this -

Note: you MUST register with us online AND via email to qualify: - registration and ‘approval confirmation’ must be done prior to order for the ‘full’ bonus to apply)

Below you can find a ‘special’ bookings page to rent a Tesla with ‘up-to’ 50% OFF the ‘standard rack-rates’.

M3: From $99 per day ($79 with discounts)

S: From $169~$299 per day ($129~$219 with discounts)

X: From $189~$399 per day ($160~$289 with discounts)

On this page you can also find the MAP to our QLD (and Global) HQ:

Carrington Chambers, 143 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


Please complete the form below

Add your Tesla M3 to our network in 2019 to receive a 'founders bonus' of $500 (MGCC) and an extra $100~$300 when using our Tesla-order-referral-code: - or;

Use Discount Code: Millin’s card xx/xx/xxxx**

in the message section to save 10%~50% per day for bookings logged below by 30/09/2019!

(**; this only applies if you can prove that Millin send you an SMS of his card - you must include the date of this SMS as the ‘xx/xx/xxxx’ date you include in the ‘message’ section below.)

Start Date
The rental start date
Post-code that the car will be in on the first night of your rental
Any booking of 4+ days will qualify for 'special rates*' *M3 rates from $99 per day *S from $169 per day *X from $199 per day
(Can add further comments in the message field)
(Can add further comments in the message field)
eg: "I want an X for 3-days but would 'like to offer' 5-days for $900 to take an X for a full week'

By completing this booking/reservation you are NOT committing to a rental booking,
nor is agreeing to confirm your 'rental order' and/or reservation.
After submitting the form, our team will reference your booking 'request' against available cars and reply to you with an 'offer' in UNDER 24HRs!
NOTE: When we reply, we will give you a formal and fixed quote 'rental offer' PLUS details of the insurance excess options that will attach to the available car + full details on 'airport pick-up' costs. All other considerations of the rental agreement will be sent in this email.
The 'offer' will be 'valid' for 24HRs from the time it is emailed to you, the offer will then 'auto
expire' if the holding deposit is not paid (holding deposit for M3 $50, S $100, X $150)

If you can see this, you have come to the right place.AVP-Ed - AVP-Ds - AVKCarrington Chambers143 Wickham StreetFortitude ValleyQLD 4006

If you can see this, you have come to the right place.


Carrington Chambers

143 Wickham Street

Fortitude Valley

QLD 4006

tt qr bus card.jpg



Video Shoot:

Tesla video shoot - 26/05/2019 (this Sunday) - from 10am (3H) - Mt Coot-Tha Q-4066

General notice about the video shoot this weekend!

The shoot this Sunday will be;

My RED-S (P85) & and 1~2x X like this one;

The 'meeting place' for the video shoot on Sunday 26/05/2019 at 10am (to 1pm) is; 

'Location-A' - 180m UP from Quarry car-park on;

"Sir Samuel Griffith Dr - Mount Coot-Tha QLD 4066"

CREW: - 2 3 - - .


Meet the director on 22/05/2019 [Wednesday]:


Boroughs of New York Pizza

757 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 - (07) 3852 5772


From 5.30pm to 7pm

(Ask for Millin)

Green-Fleet… ‘feeds in’ 110% GREEN ENERGY to cover ALL ‘km’ driven by our ‘renters’ - for every 45,000km driven, we buy 50,000km of ‘credits’ [Invoice #44760 is our first 50,000km** ‘credit block’]

When Tesla Taxi has more than 200x cars in operation (more than 3-days rented each per week) - we will ‘pivot’ from ‘Green-Fleet’ to ‘Solar Farm’ investments.

Contact Green-Fleet:

Greenfleet Australia ABN 22 095 044 465 as corporate trustee on behalf of the Greenfleet Trust ABN 86 693 237 685

Level 4, 517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000 | PO Box 16011 Collins Street West VIC 8007

Free Call 1800 032 999 T +613 9642 0570 E

— **; NOTE: The 50,000km ‘credits’ on Green-Fleet are to cover an ‘ICE’ (Internal Combustion Engine) car, so, an EV will be 4~8x times less polluting, so, the 110% ‘green’ energy should read ‘440%~880%’ in reality…