Where can I collect and return a Tesla Rental?

as of 01/01/2022 we have FULL TIME cars in:

QLD [^Q-4006, Q-4105, ^Q-4008, Q-4217*, Q-4564*, Q-4870^^]

NSW [N-2560, N-2200, N-2020, N-2113, N-2450^^, N-2481*]

VIC [V-3038, V-3121, V-3199^]

and ‘part time’ cars in:





[SA/ACT/TAS/WA bookings require a 7-day+ booking and more than $850 delivery fee, via quote only]

^*Delivery to Q-4217 has a cost of $169, Delivery to Q-4564 and N-2481 has a cost of $269

^^Delivery to N-2450($499) & Q-4870($799) is only possible for long bookings [7dasy-2450/14days-4870]

^Airport parking can be booked for Q-4008, N-2020 & V-3038 for $129 ‘return’ or $89 ‘one way’

all paid parking and delivery is for bookings of 4-days+

options and pricing is confirmed on ‘Page3-of-3’ of the booking system.

 When can I add my M3 to the TT AU fleet?

as of Q4-2019 - register now on the home page to hold your 'spot' in our Queue to gain priority on rental booking in your 'service zone' - NOTE: new car owner memberships closed for QLD/NSW/VIC in 2020…

How much will my car 'make' for me in your fleet?

We have a 'licensing' system to limit the number of cars that can be rented [‘full members’] - this is formulated to ensure your car 'nets' 150% of your payments [if we select you to be a full member] (i.e. if you have a $70k loan over 5yrs with $280-per week as your loan payment - then, we will 'guarantee' that you get no less than $420 rental income from letting your car be rented for 3~4-days per week - click-here for our white papers that has more facts and info)


How do you screen drivers?

Our group has a system to ensure that all drivers meet a set of 'guide lines' and meet our insurance requirements, and, the 'car owner' can also anonymously 'veto' any driver for any reason - the car owner is in complete control - 100% of 'handover' is 'no touch' (i.e. the owner and renter NEVER need to meet or 'exchange' keys or any personal info with each-other directly - our system and staff can manage all of this 'behind the scenes'.