Free and Paid Charging - Q1-2020


Free 100km per day charging

You rental will include 100km of charging on Tesla SuperChargers for FREE! (any extra charging will be billed - this may cost as much as $0.29c per ‘1km’) - if your rental is agreed to include more than 100km per day of SuperCharging, you mush have this confirmed by the owner on email prior to the star of your rental.


Charging - Tesla Taxi - P8WP.pdf

Charging - Tesla Taxi - P8WP.pdf

Use to find ALL free and paid charging options for your Tesla.

NOTE: Above image shows ‘filters’ of:

SuperCharger (DC - orange)

CCS/SAE (DC - orange)

Tesla (AC - green)

- In Brisbane, you can charge at the Tersla showroom address (4x Superchargers on-site 24/7 - 3HRs free parking).

OR: Use the QLD Electric Super Highway locaion in Hamilton (10min drive) to charge for only $0.20c per KWH.


Car location

The owner of your car will SMS a screen shot from his/her Tesla app (see above), to show you the exact location of your car for rental pick-up - this will be the night before your rental, or, 30min prior to the stat of your rental.


More info on ‘AMPfibian’:


Charging your EV:

  1. Set ‘charge limit’ to 90% (ask the car’s owner for permission to set to above 90%)

  2. DO NOT Drive to ‘under’ 30km/5%!!!

  3. DO NOT park in ANY DC charging bay after reaching 90% (I.E. Fees of up-to $2 per 1min may be payable by YOU if you are over 90% charged and blocking another car from using the DC public charger).

Public charging options (DC/AC):

a) Tesla DC Superchargers -LINK- Speed: 100KW+

b) Public DC chargers -LINK- Speed: 50KW+


c) Tesla ‘Destination’ AC chargers -LINK- AC speed of: 11KW

d) Public AC chargers -LINK- AC speed of: 7.2KW


e) ‘Home’ charging - 10A/15A AU-240V plugs (UMC) - speed: 2KW-10A/3KW-15A

f) ‘3-Phase’ plugs - 15A+ - SPECIAL ADAPTERS NEEDED! - speed: 6KW+



Q1: How fast is 50KW DC charging?

A1: If you plug in to a 50KW DC charger with a Tesla - your rate of charge will be ~150KM per 30min on charge


Q2: How fast is 100KW DC charging?

A2: 200% of the above! = ~300KM per 30min on charge


Q3: How fast is 11KW AC charging?

A3: approx 40KM per 30min of charge time, however, not all Tesla Destination chargers are 11KW!


Q4: How fast is a 7.2KW AC charger?

A4: approx 30KM per 30min of charge time.


Q5: How fast is AC charging at home?

A5: Approx 20km MAX per 1HR (UMC on 10A ‘tail’ will max out at 8A = 10~13KM per 1HR // UMC on 15A ‘tail’ will deliver 17KM+ per 1HR) ***IF YOU PARK AT HOME (15A - SR+) FROM 8pm to 8am, you will add 220KM***