What is a ‘car manager’?

A car can be ‘self-managed’ - i.e. the owner of the car managers all of its rentals


A car owner can elect to have his/her rentals handled by a ‘car manager’ - each ‘car manager’ is able to manage up-to 10x cars (in the same state) and, must own not less than ONE car in the group of (up-to) 10x cars.

The car manager is responsible for approving renters and allocating cars to renters, taking phone calls and emails from renters and ensuring that the car will be available for each confirmed rental booking (i.e. coordinating with the car owner’s booking system).

All TT-Club-members are encouraged to use an ‘approved’ booking system, and, if they do not, the car manager may elect to NOT take on management of the car.

This is a simple overview of the system only, full details are provided to members.

FIFO Example:

A FIFO(Fly-In/Fly-Out - miner) worker may own a car and rent it for 20x days per month (while on the mine site), reserving the car for ‘own’ use on the 10-days per month he/she is ‘in town’ - in such a case, the car owner will need to employ a ‘car manager’ to take care of bookings and car handover when not in town.

A car owner would typically offer the car manager 10% of the gross rental income for such services - TT(TeslaTaxi.com.au) supports the car owners and managers in these negotiations, and, we (TT) have ‘standard’ agreements that can be used, however, we do not stand in the way of any direct negotiations that owner and manager may wish to have privately.

P.S. Above ‘booking system’ may be an on-line system like EVEE, or, may be a Google calendar or other ‘non automated’ system that can be shared between the car owner and car manager.

‘Work-Flow’ - Hand-Over:

When a renter arrives at the car (address arranged with the car manager via email) - the renter sends a video of the car via SMS to the car manager - the car manager then un-locks the car with the Tesla App [S & X would have a FOB in Faraday cage in the frunk - 3 will be the key-card under passenger’s seat] - the renter will then send a second video of the inside of the car if ‘not in perfect condition’ - or, simply commence the rental.

At the end of the rental, the renter again sends a video of the car [parked in the ‘drop-off/return’ location] to the car manager.

NOTE: Above ‘video’ means a quick 25-sec walk around the car, to ensure all: wheels, panels and paint is in good condition.