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Finalising your Model-3/Y booking…

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NOTE: you must select one of the below - if you are a 'one time renter' select 'retail approval' -- if you plan to rent more than THREE times per year, you will benefit from 'member discounts'...
Charging and Tolls
All bookings of 48HRS+ have charging and tolls included, as per your selected option below...
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I understand that a BOND of $1400 will need to be paid to hold my car. I declare that I am 25-years or older and I will not let others drive this car unless approved to do so by TeslaTaxi.com.au or the car owner.

By submitting the above form you have confirmed your booking request, our ‘car manager’ will look to approve your booking and match a car in 24~48HRs (72HRs if weekend submission)

OR - you can also Pay On-Line here: https://shareevbne.com.au/Checkout


Start and End times: All bookings ‘start’ at 9am (you can pick-up any time after 9am and before 11.59pm on your requested start date)

All bookings end in ‘24HR blocks’ from the 9am start time - i.e. if you book 2-days from 9am 25/04/2022 your booking ends at 8.59am 27/04/2022…

Above ‘RED’ rates are for PEAK times — Yellow may be on-offer if your booking is not +/- 7-days from ANY AU school holiday times or long weekends… (Green rates are for paid members only)

For any booking of 15-days+ - you can email: Millin.B@theAVking.com.au for a special offer!