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Congratulations! the below cars are compatible with your selected dates!!!

By selecting a car below, your requested dates will be held and we will match a car to your location in under 24HRs, then confirm with your via email (assuming you also submit ‘page 3of3’)…


0-100kmh 3.4s [as P3D] - Video-Model3

Drive 380~450+ KM per charge -3MANUAL Y

[Above RWD* - scroll down for P3D pricing]

0-100kmh 4.8s - Video-Model-XDrive 290~400+ KM /charge (75D) - MANUAL[Above as 2017 is a $115k car - *as quoted]

0-100kmh 4.8s - Video-Model-X

Drive 290~400+ KM /charge (75D) - MANUAL

[Above as 2017 is a $115k car - *as quoted]

0-100kmh 4.4s - Video-Model-SDrive 360~420+ KM per charge - MANUAL[Above as 2015 is a $85k car - *as quoted]

0-100kmh 4.4s - Video-Model-S

Drive 360~420+ KM per charge - MANUAL

[Above as 2015 is a $85k car - *as quoted]


Above is 100% of the ‘Tesla stock’ you can buy in VIC as of 18/12/2021 — The ‘2019’ car has FSD for ~$60k, and the ‘2021’ has no FSD and the ‘same’ cost to buy — when you book a rental from us, you may get a 2019/2020/2021/2022 car and it may or may not have FSD — if you want to pay extra to ensure you have FSD, you must note this on the next page.

FYI: 2019 cars do not have a heat-pump

2020 cars with BLACK door handles have wireless phone charging and are MIC (Made In China)

2021/2022 cars MAY have LFP packs and MAY also have the 6.1s ‘slower’ drive train.

  1. P3D & X & S rentals ALL require GOLD membership and are a minimum term of 72HRs per booking. (membership info and pricing is detailed on the next page, after you select a car above)

The below are screen caps are from:

- we have NO association with HERTZ!

(Above in ‘RED box’ is the cheapest car option for 4-days from 25/04/2022 ACT resulting from this search on 14/12/2021…)

All bookings of 48HRs or longer also get FREE charging and FREE tolls included (limited QTY, details on page-3of3)… (also, when available our ‘per-rental’ fee on car seats is $49 each [2x] or $69 for one)

^^; you must have ‘gold’ membership to book any term of 6-days+ at any promo rate.

Airport ‘packages’ are for: Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne - only.

P3D Pricing: The ‘P3D’ = Performance Model 3 DUAL motor - is a car worth ~$105k - the above RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) rates are for a ~$70k RWD car — some P3D Owners are happy to rent for 4-days and some have a 10-day minimum, we will email your quote if you request ‘P3D pricing’ on page-3-of-3 next…


GENERAL NOTICE: The rates above are all subject to seasonal and ‘pool’ updates, as such, your quote will be held for 24HRs, if not confirmed (with payment of your bond or deposit), your booking will need to be re-submitted at the current rate at time of re-booking.