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Any booking of 15+ days will qualify for 'special rates^^' RWD-3 48HRs from under $380^ RWD-3 7-days from under $850^
'Self Driving' functions required:
NOTE: FSD has limited functions in AU in Q1/2-2022
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Above pricing is ONLY RWD-3 in QLD/NSW/VIC
Model Y options expected from 'after' 15/02/2022
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Above is the ‘quoted pricing’ for Q1-2022 in QLD/NSW/VIC for the RWD cars including delivery*** and limited FREE charging and tolls - details on the available delivery options will be sent to you via email as part of your quote when you submit the above form.

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$888* offer above can be booked by SE-QLD new clients with a discounted GOLD membership added for just $111 this month.


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