BNE DFO - 2021 Promo


Here at we love to offer the best value Tesla rentals, if you want an ‘extended test drive’ or you just need a car when you fly in to BNE, we are here to help!

As of 15/03/2021 we have a car based at the DFO (18th Ave, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008) full time!

The promo rates for this car are as follows:

4-Days $699 (600km FREE charging) [= $175 per day]

7-Days $999 (1,500km FREE charging) [= <$145 per day]


7-Days ‘long term’ (min 3-weeks) $749 per week [under $110 per day]

Above pricing for the ‘3-SR+’ as per;


Use the below form to book - mention ‘DFO’ in the Message section to book at the above promo pricing [pick-up and drop-off must be at BNE-DFO after 9am and before 5.30pm]


NOTE: If you have a ‘promo code’ from Tim or Rob, include it in the above ‘message’ section.


^$299 ‘car sitting’ offer: If you are based in BNE, you can charge at home and you are willing to commit yo a 6-month term, we can offer you a price of just $299 per week to use a car ‘when not rented’ - this offer is based on 4~5-days of use per week (on a monthly average - i.e. not less than 17-days of use per calendar month) - use this form and ask ‘seeking approval on $299 car-sitting’ in the message section.


Blue X (+50%)

Red P3D +40%